Self-healing protection for iPhone.
Say goodbye to scratches.

Conserve the beautiful state of your brand-new iPhone

Original, Clean, Natural

Eliminate your iPhone’s worst enemies in one go. No more bulky cases, greasy fingerprints or scratches. Kobra Skin is invisible, self-healing and covers the front, back and sides of your iPhone.

Self-Healing Coating

Remember the feeling when you held your iPhone for the first time? That’s what the Kobra Skin gives you. Permanently. The self-healing technology will make little imperfections disappear within 24 hours.

Full body protection

Throw away your bulky cases and horrible screen protector. We are here to give you the full body protection experience of Kobra Skin. Protecting the front, back and sides, Kobra Skin has got you covered.

Thin as a Skin

Exclusively designed for the curves and lines of the iconic Apple design. With only 0.2mm in thickness, Kobra Skin is invisible. You won’t even notice it’s there.

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