Kobra Skin

Don’t you love the feeling of slowly peeling the protective layer of new products and being presented with fresh new phone that is all yours? We do. You probably as well, right?

You see, nothing is more exciting than the smell of new products and the feeling of holding a brand new product in your hands. This exact same feeling sparked the initial idea of Kobra Skin: we want to conserve this magical feeling that brand new, fresh design brings us.

Our Story

Founded by two Industrial Designer from Eindhoven University of Technology, Kobra Skin was born with the mindset to protect and preserve the top-notch design of everyday products in the broadest sense of the word.

First product launch
Say goodbye to bulky and ugly cases that ruin the design of your phone. Kobra is the world’s first fully transparant and self-healing solution which gives you the confidence to use your phone in everyday life without relying on a traditional case.

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